Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below some General FAQs. Use the links below to select a specific topic for additional FAQs.


Question:        What is an AUSKey and what does it allow me to do?

Answer:          An AUSKey is a secure login key attached to one person and one company*. When you login to the PLMS the portal will automatically search and find the AUSKey software you previously downloaded. The AUSKey tells the portal who you are and what company you are working for. Once this authentication is complete you will be passed through to the PLMS where you will be able to access that particular businesses* online applications only.

                       *If you work to a number of companies, you will need one AUSKey for each company you work with.

                       *once passed through to the PLMS, user roles are utilised. Please see the PLMS User Roles QRG for further information.

There are two types of AUSKeys with differing access permissions - An Administrator AUSKey and a Standard AUSKey. 

For using the PLMS, users will only need a Standard AUSKey. Please visit know what type of AUSKey is right for you for further information.


Question:        I’ve registered for the first time, why can’t I see anything in the portal?

Answer:          You have not been assigned a role in the system yet. Please speak to your User Administrator.


Question:        Does the portal time out if not in use?

Answer:          Yes, the portal will time out if left inactive for more than 30 minutes. You will be given a warning message as the time limit is approached


Question:        Is there a limit to how many people can access the portal?

Answer:          The portal does not limit the number of users. Each Organisation is responsible for managing which   staff have access to the portal.


Question:        Is portal support available online?

Answer:          The portal contains on screen help. User guides and quick reference guides have also been developed.


Question:        Is there a dedicated help line for the portal?

Answer:          You can contact the Department of Health on the existing number (02) 6289 9463